jQuery UI 1.11.0

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We’re proud to announce our latest stable release. jQuery UI 1.11 features a new widget, improved environment support and numerous bug fixes!

New widget

Selectmenu duplicates and extends the functionality of a native HTML select element, allowing it to be customizable in behavior and appearance far beyond the limitations of a native select. You can see it in action in the default and the custom rendering demos.

AMD Support

jQuery UI now ships with support for AMD in each of its widgets and components. For more information, including examples, see our guide to using jQuery UI with AMD.

Bower Support

jQuery UI now ships with Bower support. For examples, see our guide to using jQuery UI with Bower.

Bug Fixes

59 bugs have been fixed!

Supported jQuery Versions and Browsers

jQuery UI 1.11.0 supports jQuery 1.6 and newer. That’s 25 versions! Multiply that by the number of supported browsers and you’ve got quite a support matrix.

As of this release we are no longer accepting bug reports for IE7 issues. We have also removed IE7 from our testing infrastructure. The IE7 workarounds are still present in the code, but we will remove them for jQuery UI 1.12.


File Downloads

Git (contains source files, with @VERSION replaced with 1.11.0, base theme only)

Install via bower

  • bower install jquery/jquery-ui#1.11.0

jQuery CDN, powered by MaxCDN

Google Ajax Libraries API (CDN)

Microsoft Ajax CDN (CDN)

Custom Download Builder


See the 1.11 Upgrade Guide for a list of changes that may affect you when upgrading from 1.10.x. For full details on what’s included in this release see the 1.11.0 Changelog.


Thanks to all who helped with this release, specifically: 00091701, aeltrius, aherbst, Alexander Schmitz, alexandis, alorrorl, Andrei Picus, Anna, aNt1X, ardoramor, badatos, Ben Higgins, BenjaminRH, benshu, benth, bgrins, Bk1, Blaise, blaze34, Brian Grinstead, Brian J. Dowling, Bruno M. Custódio, cburgdorf, cgack, charlietfl, Christian Klammer, cim, cmcnulty, CodeTunnel, Corey Frang, creage, cRz, cyxjqui, Dan Wellman, Daniel DeGroff, darek, Dave Stein, David Hansen, David Petersen, dekajp, dhonn, dnlmzw, dosinovsky, Dylan Barrell, dylanb, dylanpyle, Eric Dahl, Fabrício Matté, Felix Nagel, fnagel, frediani.adrien, Gabriel Schulhof, gaby, Gan Eng Chin, Gbiggs, glebonator, gnarf, Gromsempai, gseguin, guhelouis, gvas, Hancoque, ibleistift, Imants Horsts, incutonez2, j_geronimo, Jacob McCutcheon, JamesKhoury, Jason Moon, Jasper de Groot, jcarlson, johan-ludvigsson-stratsys, joshco, julienw, Jyoti Deka, jzelos, Jörn Zaefferer, kdinev2, kenjiyamamoto, KopiasCsaba, Krinkle, Kris Borchers, kristoffer, lunchtimemama, markoh, mattdeclaire, mdownes, Michael Wiencek, Mike Sherov, mikesherov, MillujQuery, Mohsen Ekhtiari, Monika Piotrowicz, MoonScript, Mottie, mpermana, nbt, NickRandom, nlg, omuleanu, Ondrej Novy, Patrick Stapleton, Pere Orga, petersendidit, phazeii, pierrickrouxel, plumpnation, Rafael Xavier de Souza, raziel057, rdworth, rebecca.tillman, reubenhelms, rkw, Robert Beuligmann, robotdan, Ruslan Yakhyaev, scato.eggen, Scott González, seppo.savolainen, Siebrand Mazeland, sirneb, Stephane Deschamps, Steven Luscher, Suhail Alkowaileet, telensky, thardy, thojon, Thomas Meyer, Timo Tijhof, TJ VanToll, tkhyn, tobio85, Toshi MARUYAMA, Trisha Crowley, tvdeyen, tweakmaista, Vilhjálmur Skúlason, wojes, Woody Gilk, Yermo, Zbigniew Motyka, znarkus, zootius.

The Road Ahead

In parallel to this release we’ve been working on several significant rewrites that will make it into future releases:

  • Datepicker and Globalize: We’re working on a full rewrite of the datepicker widget. The rewrite will feature a far simpler API that will make customizations a lot easier. The rewrite builds on top of the rewritten Globalize library, which builds on top of CLDR, a comprehensive source for globalization data.
  • Interactions: We’re working on a rewrite of our interactions like draggable, on top of pointer events, along with a polyfill to map mouse and touch events to pointer events. This will put the new interactions on an event model that works on all devices.
  • Button: We’re rewriting the button widget to make the theming available without any JavaScript (CSS only), and cleaning up our support of radio and checkbox buttons.
  • Closing the gap to mobile: We’re working with the jQuery Mobile team on multiple widgets to ship widgets from jQuery UI with jQuery Mobile. The tabs widget was the first to make it into a stable jQuery Mobile release.


Note: please do NOT use the comments section of this blog post for reporting bugs. Bug reports should be filed in the jQuery UI Bug Tracker and support questions should be posted on the jQuery Forum.

If you have feedback on us doing our first stable release for jQuery UI 1.11.0, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.