jQuery UI 1.14.0-beta.1 released

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Following up on our blog post on Plans for jQuery UI 1.14, it is our pleasure to announce the first beta for jQuery UI 1.14.0.

This release doesn’t offer any new features, only the following breaking changes:

  • Only the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Edge are officially supported; there is no support for any version of IE and Edge Legacy. Contrary to what was done in past releases, code supporting unsupported browsers has been deleted.
  • Only the latest jQuery version within each major version of jQuery Core is supported. This beta was tested against jQuery 1.12.4, 2.2.4 & 3.7.1, plus two development versions: 3.x & 4.x.
  • Backwards compatibility with the 1.11 API is disabled by default. To re-enable it (restoring the default 1.13 behavior) set the jQuery.uiBackCompat flag to true.

This beta is not integrated into the jQuery UI Download Builder; support for jQuery UI 1.14 will be added before the final release. Because of that, zip bundles are not available for this beta.

We’d also like to remind you that beginning in June 2024, the Download Builder will only support jQuery UI 1.12 or newer. For more information, please read the Plans for jQuery UI 1.14 blog post.

Please remember jQuery UI is in a maintenance state. We’ll make sure the library is compatible with new jQuery releases and that security issues are fixed but no new significant feature work is planned. We’ll also try to fix important regressions from jQuery UI 1.12.1; older long-standing bugs may not get fixed. Note that this does not affect jQuery Core, which is still actively maintained.


Git (contains source files, with @VERSION replaced with 1.14.0-beta.1, base theme only)

Install via npm

  • npm install jquery-ui@1.14.0-beta.1

Install via bower

  • bower install jquery/jquery-ui#1.14.0-beta.1

jQuery CDN


For full details on what’s included in this release see the 1.14.0-beta.1 Changelog. The 1.14 Upgrade Guide will be available later.


Thanks to all who helped with this release, specifically: Michał Gołębiowski-Owczarek, Timmy Willison, Felix Nagel.


Note: Please report bugs to the jQuery UI Bug Tracker. Support questions should be posted on Stack Overflow with the jquery-ui tag.

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