jQuery UI 1.6rc2.5

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The legacy preview release, jQuery UI 1.6rc2.5, is available for download and testing.


You can download the development bundle here:


or check out from svn or reference individual files here:



If you find any issues, please file in the bug tracker

http://dev.jqueryui.com/newticket (note: requires registration)

and be sure to set the ‘version’ to ‘1.6rc2.5’ and the ‘milestone’ to ‘1.6’.

About the 1.6 release

As announced previously, this release is in preparation for a final 1.6 release based on 1.6rc2 that will provide an updated version for those currently using jQuery 1.2.6 and jQuery UI 1.5.3, and not yet able to update to jQuery 1.3 and jQuery UI 1.7. Please note, as soon as the 1.6 release is finalized, it will be frozen as legacy and no longer actively developed. Thanks.

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