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We’re excited to announce that we’ve finalized version 1.7 of the jQuery UI library; we think this is a momentous release and a major leap forward on a host of fronts.

What’s new?

There’s a ton of new stuff in 1.7. We’ve fixed hundreds of bugs since 1.5.3 and are introducing many new features, a better core architecture, and major theming improvements. We blogged about it already for the rc’s, but here is quick list of the highlights:

  • jQuery 1.3 compatibility

    jQuery 1.7 is the first release that is compatible with jQuery 1.3. That’s a good thing (if you can make the switch), since jQuery 1.3 brings major performance improvements to many areas of jQuery UI. Specifically, firing events, DOM operations, and getting element offsets have had massive performance improvements. More about the jQuery 1.3 release

  • Revamped and optimized plugins

    In addition to a long list of bug fixes and improvements, we’ve refactored and optimized each plugin to use the cleanest HTML possible, with a flexible set of options to make it easy for developers to extend and tweak widgets. We’ve also added a new progress bar plugin in this release.

  • CSS framework

    jQuery UI 1.7 is built upon a brand new and powerful CSS framework that is designed to support not only jQuery UI’s own plugins, but also custom plugin development, so any developer can easily make their plugins ThemeRoller ready. It is a special kind of CSS framework that is aimed specifically at user interface development as opposed to overall page layout. The framework provides classes for commonly used UI elements, states, containers and icons and is manipulated by jQuery UI ThemeRoller. More about the jQuery UI CSS Framework

  • Themeroller v2

    ThemeRoller has been completely redesigned to complement the new CSS framework and widget designs. ThemeRoller now resides in a vertical sidebar and has loads of new features. We also created a ThemeRoller Developer Tool (a bookmarklet, so you can bring ThemeRoller into any web page) and a Theme Switcher (so you can switch between themes with a simple drop-down box).

  • Demos & Documentation

    Maybe you’ve seen it already: We merged the top navigation links “Demos” and “Documentation” into a unified Demos & Documentation section, so it’s easy to browse demos and read the documentation all in one integrated experience. We’ve grouped demos of similar features and options together so you can easily tab from one to another and compare. As you navigate within a page, we update the URL to ensure accurate bookmarking and deep linking.

  • Full offline documentation

    Full documentation for each plugin is now included in the release. Just take a look at the /docs/ folder in the development bundle. There’s a separate (and simple) html file for each jQuery UI plugin method. There’s no styesheet for these files yet, but they’re quite functional even without. We’ll see about making it a little more like the website Demos & Documentation in a future release.

  • Major website improvements

    We refactored the download builder (using progressive enhancement, so it now works with JavaScript disabled) and integrated a base theme into the download along with a demo html file of all the widgets for easy integration. We refactored and improved the landing pages for the Development and Support sections to be more information-rich and up-to-date.

  • CSS framework and themes on Google AJAX Libraries API

    As before, the latest stable release of jQuery UI (now 1.7) is hosted on Google’s CDN. New in this release, however, Google is also hosting the new jQuery UI CSS Framework, as well as our current suite of pre-built themes: base, black-tie, blitzer, cupertino, dot-luv, excite-bike, hot-sneaks, humanity, mint-choc, redmond, smoothness, south-street, start, swanky-purse, trontastic, ui-darkness, ui-lightness, and vader.

  • Themes bundle

    You can now download all the ThemeRoller Gallery themes at once: jquery-ui-themes-1.7.zip. Or if you’re savvy with svn: http://jquery-ui.googlecode.com/svn/tags/1.7/themes/.

  • A new dedicated blog

    If you’re reading this, you probably know it already. We finally made the switch to our very own blog at http://blog.jqueryui.com/, where we’ll regularly blog about development, theming, and more during each release. To link the jQuery and jQuery UI blogs, Richard Worth is starting a “This week in jQuery UI” series on the jQuery UI blog, while Karl Swedberg (of learningjquery.com) will do a “This week in jQuery” series on the jQuery blog, and they will link to eachother.

Getting Started with 1.7

If you’re brand new to jQuery UI, or if you’ve worked with a version posted before [January 2009], there are some changes to the API and directory structures that would be helpful to understand. To get everyone up to speed fast, we’ve created a Getting Started Guide that walks through the basics of what jQuery UI 1.7 can do, how to use themes, and how to download and use the new jQuery UI for the first time.

Upgrading to 1.7 from previous versions

To ease the transition to version 1.7, we’ve created a detailed Upgrade Guide that summarizes what has changed for each plugin. If you want to dig into the details, you can view the full 1.7 Changelog which lists every change made in this release.

What about jQuery 1.2.6 compatibility?

As we announced earlier, jQuery UI 1.7 is only compatible with the latest jQuery 1.3+. Now that 1.7 is out the door, we’re turning our attention to creating a jQuery 1.6 legacy release (based on 1.6rc2) that will roll as many bug fixes as possible into the 1.5.3 codebase and be compatible with jQuery 1.2.6. We’re hoping to have this complete within the next month. To learn more about this split release approach, please see jQuery UI 1.7 is the new 1.6.

Get involved: Join us on the planning wiki!

We welcome your participation and feedback as we grow into a larger project. To keep us organized and make planning transparent to the community, we’ve created a new design and planning wiki at http://wiki.jqueryui.com/, where we’re refining and detailing our processes for growing the team and the project, accepting and reviewing contributions, and prioritizing new plugins into a roadmap. By channeling ideas and decisions made on the jQuery UI Dev google group conversations into the wiki, we hope to provide a single, unified view of our current thinking. To see what we’re up to, check the summary of the current development status at the top of the wiki homepage.


Last but not least, we really want to thank all of the (nearly 300) contributors that helped make this release what it is. We could not have done it without you: 11880, 4pcbr, aakoch, aali, aaronbarker, adamc, aflesler, aimerick, ajacksified, ajpiano, aksival, akuzemchak, alan.castro, aleemb, ALLPRO, anatari, andreas, andrew.akester, andreyavram, antin, apaella, arjen.vellinga, Arshad Abbas, astray, auxbuss, ayoung, bendewey, Benjamin Sterling, Blakomen, bmoen, boconnor, Bohdan Ganicky, braddunbar, Briel, brucealdridge, Bruno Basto, buzz, c_schmitz, c_t, C-rank, Ca-Phun Ung (pazu2k), calin.pavel, cap60552, chag, cheeaun, cheesedoily, chrisbarr, Christopher T Tillman, cjwilks, Cloudream, Cody Lindley, Colin Clark, Cornelis G. A. Kolbach, cr at accxmedia, d.glynn, d.taylor, Dakkar, daniel at zelisko, daniel.richard, datactrl, Dave, Dave Methvin, david, david at davidkmuir, David Bolter, davidb, deebo, dekimsey, designerno1, destitutus, dg.kaba, dgyimesi, djfrey, dmuir, dodge, donschuy, doyer.guyllaume, dtetto, dypa, ebartels, edomato, Eduardo Lundgren, electrawn, epascarello, erangalp, Eric Martin, eric258, erl, f.hewitt, figital, filamentgroup, Firehed, Flat Stanley, floating.eye22, Fontzter, fracmak, fusioned, fyedernoggersnodden, gargantuan, GavynSykes, george.blouin, GlowingRose, gpbmike, gregmac, Gunner, happycow, headchem, herve, hex0id, HookipaDave, hwinkel, ifeghali, Jackson F. de A. Mafra, Jacob, jacobat, jamrok, janmarek, jasondavies, jbourey, jeff, Jess Mitchell, jezaustin, jimmy, jink, jneal at liferay, Jo-W, johng, JohnnyCee, Jonas Flint, Jonathan Sharp, jonspalmer, Jörn Zaefferer, Joshua Langner, jpra, jsamort, jsycamore, jzu, kaladis, kam99, Karl Swedberg, kbwood, Kevin Dalman, kevingessner, KevinM2k, Klaus Hartl, kof, kof13, Kostrowsky, kouphax, kpitn, kylev, leason, linoj, lionel.armanet, lisbakke, lublushokolad, lukebrookhart, macarthy, magenest, Maggie Wachs, maguireji, Marc Diethelm, Marc Grabanski, Mark Gibson, mark_story, mark.leung, Marsha Hardy, mask2012 at 126, matt83uk, Matteo Ligabue, mattih5, Maurice, mdenyse, memaddy, mephis1987, metayii, mgerstenblatt, mgl, mharpste, mholmes, michelled, mikejolley, mikioma, mlang74, morf, Morten, mpj, mtk, nanodeath, Nate Cavanaugh, Nathaniel, neiljaywarner, NeoAnderson, nestor.urquiza, nivancevic, nlothian, nostrademons, ntoniazzi, obrie, olivier, onestone, op, paranoidsponge, paul, Paul Bakaus, paul.p.carey@gmail.com, Pavel.Mileshchenko, peterp, PJ, Point, pwnedd, r.riedl at gmx, random at luktown, Ranga Narendra, Rao S. Thotakura, raus22, raziel057, rdworth, recrit, redsquare, Remy Sharp, Rey Bango, rgattinoni, Rich Caloggero, rjwalsh at stanford, robmonie, roch at immoserver, rodrigocuriel, roywb, s.lopes at chello, saturnism, Scott González, scottjehl, seb.duggan, serializer, serverfire, shelane, shlomoweb1, Skaffen, skeetio, skorpan, smoofles, smurkas, snobo, sonofanickel, sonukapoor, sorpigal, sosensible, spiri, Steven Black, Stuardo -StR- Rodríguez, svinopas, sylvain.baronnet, szinya at mentha, tallvanilla, Tane Piper, taylorr, tcarnell, theothermike, ThrushAAX, tiago.simoes, Tim, timothee, tjerkw, tleveque, tlianza, Todd Parker, Tom Dyer, torq, ToyChicken, trixta, Trustmaster, tud, tuzemec, txgruppi, unique, vakata, valerchik, vladm, vmx, walterbt, webdawson, wichert, Wobble, wolfpakz, Yëco, zeguizmo, ZeroMD, ziadoz, zigzag.chen.

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94 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.7

  1. Peder on said:


    I’ve just downloaded ui-1.7. When I’m trying out the tabs widget in IE6 on the page ‘development-bundle/demos/index.html’ I get the error ‘Exception thrown and not caught’ at line 374. I suspect this comes from: “throw ‘jQuery UI Tabs: Mismatching fragment identifier.’;” in the file tabs.js. I haven’t had much time to investigate in the real cause, but I’ve tried the same in Firefox 3.0.7 and Chrome and there it works fine.

    Anyone else had the same problem?

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  5. Roberto on said:

    Felicidades, estaba ansioso de ver esta nueva versión disponible… Buen Trabajo!!

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  9. 1.7.0 still has new bugs on the drag and drop interface. Firstly “Placeholder” fails on height. Secondly when dragging alpha transparency was always lost (goes black) in IE however in 1.7.0 when you drop a box the alpha transparency does not return and stays black!

  10. Dave on said:

    Alot of the css is duplicated when using Themeroller, I chose the redmond theme

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  12. ILog on said:

    Excellent work! Thank you.

    Could you, please, fix the function on black “Download” button click, which sends back a file? It gave me broken zip, while “Quick download” link returned the correct file.

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  16. 我一直在想,用jQuery能不能开发一个像www.netvibes.com的网站呢?现在我找到答案了。那就是:用jQuery完全可以开发一个像www.netvibes.com的网站,而且更加容易。热烈祝贺jQuery UI 1.7闪电出击!

  17. The CSS created in the downloader has some issues. It repeats multiple times resulting in a 1.9MB CSS file.

    Nice work though. JQuery UI makes my life much easier.

  18. Mission Accomplished , great job guys , I really appreciate it .
    DO you guys know when is our recent jquery conference

  19. Richie Ryan R Reyes on said:

    still the zip file for UI won’t work in IE (6.0.2). I liked the new features though.
    DL in Firefox is OK. I wonder what’s causing file corruption in IE…

  20. I suggest that everyone put cookie function ui wrote the script, the course, for jquery-ui, all should be written into the cookie function, so that at the page called when the cookie function, just add cookie: (expires: 7, path: ‘/’, domain: ‘jquery.com’, secure: true) can.
    No way, foreigners can not read Chinese but translated into English.

  21. Hey,

    Can’t download from your website, the zip file that comes down is invalid. Replicated on a few machines.

  22. jQuery 1.3 works like a charm…very fast and reliable and the UI rocks!!

    Looking forward for the next release where many more widgets like the menu will be included.

    jQuery rocks!!!!

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  24. It is an awesome release and the new themeroller works better than ever.

    I would like to know where I can give feedback.

    With the new themeroller, one file gets repeated in itself. It gets wel over 10,000 lines.
    This file is called ui.base.css and should be only six or so lines, but these get repeated many, many times.

    I suspect this is the wrong place to tell, but I will forget to mention it if I keep looking for a good place for feedback.

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  26. @Bart McLeod Thanks for the note. Very glad you like it.

    If you’re not sure how to do something, you can ask on the jquery-ui mailing list ( http://groups.google.com/group/jquery-ui ). If you think something may be a bug you can send a note to the jquery-ui-dev list ( http://groups.google.com/group/jquery-ui-dev ) or file a ticket in our tracking system ( http://dev.jqueryui.com/newticket ). Each require you to register. You can find these links and others in our development center: http://jqueryui.com/development

    As for the issue you raised here, this is a known issue http://dev.jqueryui.com/ticket/4296 . We’re currently testing a fix and if it goes we’ll we’ll have it live later this week. Thanks.

  27. khalid on said:


    FIrst of all thanks for your efforts.

    I tried to customize download as I wanted only the tab widget along with UI Core, but the zip file I got was corrupted. I tried it twice and it didn’t work for me.

    Is there any otherway to get the UI Core?


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