This Week in jQuery UI vol. 1

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This is the first in a weekly series on what’s happening with jQuery UI. It will be a digest of all activity in the community and on the team.


jQuery UI 1.7

Our latest release came out a week ago today. Here’s some coverage I saw over the past week:

Great feedback in a lot of comments on those posts. We’re listening. I was happy to see some positive feedback on the fact that themes can now be downloaded in a bundle. Here’s one example:

Hoy es mi día. Me siento como si fuera mi cumpleaños y me estuvieran regalando el juego que llevo esperando tres meses.

My Spanish is only so-so. Here’s the best google’s language tools could do:

Today is my day. I feel like it was my birthday and I were giving away the game I been waiting three months.

jQuery UI 1.6rc2.5

This release has only been out two days, but so far there have been zero comments on it, on the blog post announcement and on the mailing lists. Also, no bugs last I checked. Has anyone tried it out? The plan is to release the final on March 25. If no error reports come in, 1.6rc2.5 will become 1.6 final. If that matters to you, please help kick it around and be sure to file a bug report with the version specified as ‘1.6rc2.5’. Thanks.

Q&A with jQuery UI Creator Paul Bakaus

Steve Reynolds has posted an interview with Paul Bakaus. Here’s the intro:

With the release of jQuery UI 1.7 just out the door, Paul Bakaus – creator of jQuery UI has kindly agreed to answer some questions about that launch, his life as a programmer, his involvement with the jQuery UI project and the world as he knows it.

Read the rest over on Steve’s blog:

Sites Using jQuery UI

We maintain a list of Sites Using jQuery UI on the jQuery documentation site, (still the home of the jQuery UI documentation wiki). If you have a site or find a site using jQuery UI, feel free to add it to this wiki page. New this week:


Open Source Projects

Software planning to use jQuery UI


This is the first job listing I’ve seen that lists experience with jQuery UI (not just jQuery) as a requirement:

I am looking for a designer experienced with jQuery UI and CSS to help us design a nice reusable template that is sports related.


jQuery UI 1.6: The User Interface Library for jQuery by Dan Wellman (



A lot of people are bummed that jQuery UI’s nice rounded corners don’t work in Internet Explorer. Some discussion of this continued this week:

I’m getting increasingly enthusiastic all the time with the jQuery UI framework – especially its well-structured and versatile CSS component. My emerging problem, however, seems to be one of designer acceptance.

JQuery UI uses the -moz-border-radius CSS property to render its rounded corners in dialogs, controls and icons. This is a CSS3 standard and is supported in all upcoming browser versions… except Internet Explorer.

Design & Development

We’ve had a lot of great activity this week on the jQuery UI Development & Planning wiki as well as on the jQuery UI Dev Google Group. We can always use more help, and we invite you to join us. Request access to the wiki, review a page, leave a comment. Let us know if you have a plugin you think might be a good fit for jQuery UI.

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  1. Nikola on said:

    Great idea! I look forward to reading these weekly blogs, this is a great resource and learning tool.

  2. “…Me siento como si fuera mi cumpleaños y me estuvieran regalando el juego que llevo esperando tres meses.”

    Silly Google robots. A better translation would be something like: “I feel like it’s my birthday and you’re (they’re) giving me the toy I’ve been waiting three months for.”

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