This Week in jQuery UI vol. 2

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Another week in the The Year of jQuery UI. Here’s what happened:



The first maintenance release for 1.7 came this week: jQuery UI 1.7.1. Here’s the changelog. We’ve made some much-needed updates to the download builder. We’re hopeful this will fix the problems some people were having with certain browser and OS configurations. If you still have any issues, be sure to file them in the bug tracker (note: requires registration).


The latest legacy preview release has been out just over a week and has only two issues (so far) filed against it. Things are looking good for being able to release 1.6 final on March 25th.


jQuery UI ThemeRoller was a finalist for an SXSWi Web Award this week. Here’s the coverage from Wired: Congrats and thanks to Filament Group and everyone else on the jQuery UI Team that has contributed to ThemeRoller.

Sites Using jQuery UI

We maintain a list of Sites Using jQuery UI. If you have a site or find a site using jQuery UI, feel free to add it to this wiki page. New this week:


  • – Finnish news aggregator
  • – Saving the World… from high priced cables
  • – Broadcasts chess events online with realtime computer analysis
  • cloudkick – the easiest way to manage the cloud
  • HelloMovies – Find thousands of movies you can watch instantly
  • Jiglu – intelligent tagging and communities
  • – Discover recipes, plan meals, create grocery lists.
  • – US Car Parts and Domestic Accessories
  • Welcome to Redeemer – A young church dedicated to serving the city of Lincoln, Nebraska by living out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Open Source Projects

ThemeRoller-ready Plugins

Remember, ThemeRoller and the jQuery UI CSS Framework aren’t just for jQuery UI plugins. So if you have a plugin, what about making it ThemeRoller-ready? Or if you have a favorite plugin that you’d like to see ThemeRoller-ready, send a donation (or at the very least a thank you note) to the plugin maintainer, and encourage them to add support.



We’d love to hear how we’re doing, and how we can do better. Leave a comment, talk to us on twitter, post something on the mailing list. Here are some links: Let’s chat. Thanks.

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for tonight’s installment of ‘This Week in jQuery’ over on the jQuery blog.

6 thoughts on “This Week in jQuery UI vol. 2

  1. Fantastic, I hope you keep doing this every week. I love getting an update on what’s going on. Keep it up!

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  3. First, thanks for mentioning us on your blog, we’ve only been up for a couple months so we’ll take all the exposure we can get.

    I just wanted to note that we are using the calendar widget on our grocery list page to select a date range to generate the grocery list from. We are also using the selectable and sortable list once the grocery list is generated. The ajax done when ordering and adding/removing items from the list is all done with jquery as well. The last place we are currently using the themeroller theme is on our search page. We are hoping to have all our ajaxed pages switch over to jquery within the year.

    I just wanted to thank you guys for the time you’ve dedicated to your project. It has made our life so much easier, and our website that much better.

    We are looking forward to some of your future widgets coming out and wish you guys the best.

    Todd Horst-

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