This Week in jQuery UI vol. 3

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Welcome back to This Week in jQuery UI.


jQuery UI 1.6rc2.6

Things were looking good for getting 1.6 final out this week, but we’ve still got one issue with the Resizable plugin. Big thanks to Scott González and Nick Levett for working on this. We’re about half-way there. In the meantime, you can beat up 1.6rc2.6. This includes the resizable fixes Scott was able to merge. It improves things, but we still want to fix it the rest of the way. Here’s the lone ticket: #4334 – Real World Image Cropper demo is broken.

Sites Using jQuery UI

We maintain a list of Sites Using jQuery UI. If you have a site or find a site using jQuery UI, feel free to add it to this wiki page. New this week:


  • Arcadya – Torrents & subtitles for TV series (iGoogle/Netvibes style)
  • Beltrami – Product selector, picture albums, searchfunctions, …
  • EA – Video Games
  • iRich – Keep tracking your expenses online. (Chinese 中文)
  • – The only reliable Bulgarian Internet shopping assistant.
  • Poker Square – single-player card game
  • PartyHandbook – UK nightclub event listing guide

Open Source Projects



How about a sprint?

We did a jQuery UI sprint a year ago last week, and it rocked. So we’re thinking of doing another.  Would you be interested? If so, how would you like to contribute? Tests, code fixes, documentation, demos, tutorials, answering questions, anything? Let us know.

That’s it for this week. Stay tuned for tonight’s installment of ‘This Week in jQuery’ over on the jQuery blog.

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