jQuery UI 1.6

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The legacy compatibility update release, jQuery UI 1.6 is out. You can download it here:


File Downloads


Google Ajax Libraries API

Custom Download Builder


See the 1.6 Changelog for full details on what’s included in this release.


This is a legacy update release for 1.5. It is intended for anyone still using jQuery 1.2.6. If you’re able to upgrade to jQuery 1.3+, it is highly recommended that you use jQuery UI 1.7, which is the latest stable release.

6 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.6

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  2. Victor on said:

    Hey, umm, fist of all you don’t have an easily accessible FEEDBACK or BUG REPORT link on web pages… two, your custom jQuery Theme roller makes CORRUPT and unusable ZIP files…

  3. Is jQuery UI 1.6 still being maintained?

    The words “legacy update release” manages to convey active development, supported and deprecated all at once. The tone says “deprecated” mostly. Is that the case?

  4. @Benjamin – When 1.7 was released, 1.5 became the legacy release. 1.6 came after, as an update to the legacy (1.5) release. It is not being actively developed.

  5. Mohamed on said:

    Can u pls provide theme bundle for jquery ui 1.6 version. Theme roller is not working properly. It would be helpful to all. Thanks.

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