This Week in jQuery UI vol. 5

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Releases and the Sprint

We pushed everything back one week. So the 1.6 final release will be next Wed. April 15th. The sprint will be next Friday and Saturday, April 17th and 18th, in preparation for the 1.7.2 release on Wed. April 22nd. We’ve created a wiki page for the sprint to start the planning:

You’re invited to sign up there if you plan to join, even if just for an hour. Also, there will be a full sprint blog post on Monday with more details.

Sites Using jQuery UI

We maintain a list of Sites Using jQuery UI. If you have a site or find a site using jQuery UI, feel free to add it to this wiki page. New this week:


  • blaq design – manufacturer of bike accessories and bags
  • – ConcertoGate(MMOPRG) role simulator
  • Rig-Bits – Find bits for your computer and PC Bits Database (under development).

Open source projects

Tutorials and Blog Posts

See also

Stay tuned for tonight’s installment of ‘This Week in jQuery’ over on the jQuery blog.

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