jQuery UI 1.7.2

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The second maintenance release for jQuery UI 1.7 is out. You can download it here:


File Downloads


Google Ajax Libraries API

Custom Download Builder


See the 1.7.2 Changelog for full details on what’s included in this release.

New Themes

Filament Group has done it again. They’ve given us 7 more beautiful themes in the ThemeRoller Gallery:

Dark Hive
Dark Hive Theme Preview
Eggplant Theme Preview
Flick Theme Preview
Le Frog
Le Frog Theme Preview
Overcast Theme Preview
Pepper Grinder
Pepper Grinder Theme Preview
Sunny Theme Preview

Overhauled Download Builder

A huge thanks to Gavin Mulligan, one of our newest contributors, for doing a complete overhaul of our download builder, fixing issues people were having with invalid zip files and missing theme files on certain browsers and platforms.

Also, a big thanks to all that helped identify issues in the old and test the new download builder: Aaron Barker, agnawt, Attila, Bear, Beaver6813, boater21, Brian McManus, brucealdridge, cblaze22, cioa, Cloudream, compsagnathus, davidcoallier, dgm, dp, dpaviani, engemasa, evo, garrardkitchen, Glauco Morais, gmaddockgreene, gtrplayer5150, hanmari, Hans Petter, hdragomir, joern.zaefferer, joldag, Julián C. Pérez, kareem, Karl, Keith Barrows, Kelheinz, khinester, Kim Rowden, KingCode, Lakshmi, latrippi, linuxjuggler, Logictrap, Matthew, mawcs, MorningZ, nilicule, p8w, Paul Bakaus, Petre KOSTOV, Phoenix Sol, pnanduri76, rdworth, rsm08, rwalsh, Rwhitbeck, Scott González, Scott Jehl, SexyBeast, SiCo, smorgen, sosensible, sotonin, Spencer, ssr, steenbag, steve_goodman, Todd Parker, tonybibbs, utobia, WanderingZombie

22 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.7.2

  1. Jose on said:

    Still have problems with IE8… effect(“pulsate”) isno t working, work fine in FF

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  4. moondog on said:

    Still not mature enough for production? I opened the dialogs demo page and still there are major problems on IE7: for example the title bar shrinks while dragging and gest back to normal after releasing the mouse button; when resizing the window,the title bar will shrink and never expand again.

    It’s sad but it’s still hard to take jquery.ui seriously for production work, as way too many users do use IE.
    Maybe it is a problem with the demo pages only, but it would be silly to put on a showcase site and not be sure it works in the major browsers.

    I do appreciate a lot your effort to give jquery a much-needed “official” widgets collection, but the cross browser compatibility should be among the top places in your priority list.

  5. The .css (theme) files are missing when downloaded the legacy (1.6) package with Smooth theme (or any other theme), I tried a couple of times and they are always missing but 1.7.2 works fine. Is there any alternative download for just themes (.css) files? I do really need 1.6 with smoothness theme 🙁 and can’t get grrrrr..

  6. Hello people!

    I have one question: where can I submit a development request? In my opinion, there is something in tha tabs widget and would like to discuss that with the developers.


  7. Victor on said:

    Theme Roller does not export CSS folder…

    Is this a bug? Is it tracked somewhere? I use FF3.5.2 and Safari

  8. Victor on said:

    Also, have you guys considered releasing theme roller as a locally installable application? That way I wouldn’t have to depend on the service provided to work properly as it sometimes does not. And since I use theme roller for critical client work it’s quite a bad thing if it does not work properly for me. Cheers. – V

  9. Hay thanks!

    Just one thing: Those first two downloads add up to almost 2000 KB. If you 7-zipped them, they’d be 392 KB and 139 KB, respectively. I just think the option would be nice. (I’m on limited bandwidth, so the download was unhappiness in a bottle.)

  10. Hi,
    How can i change labels in button dynamically?

    $(‘.selector’).dialog({ buttons: { “Ok”: function() { $(this).dialog(“close”); } } });

    I have button “OK” and i want To dynamically change to “GO somewhere”.

  11. Hi,
    Can I get help here

    I am using jQuery datepicker and facing a problem in IE only and not in any other browser.

    The problem is, every time I select date it takes me to the top of the page. I found the reason that in IE it adds # at the end of address of my page.

    While in other browsers it is working fine, I mean even if I select date it let me stays in the same earlier position on the page.