jQuery UI 1.8a2

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The second preview release for jQuery UI 1.8 is out. You can download it here:


File Downloads



See the 1.8a2 Changelog for full details on what’s included in this release.
Please help us test this and beat it up. The plan is to have two beta releases. New plugins may be added still before the first beta. The plugins in the first 1.8 beta will be the plugins in 1.8 final.


A big thanks to all that have worked on all the bug fixes and other improvements that have gone into this release.

10 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.8a2

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  2. Ola Nate on said:

    The position and tooltip is greatly improving my very rich designs. Helps me alot. How far are you from making those stable? (I want them now :P)