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NOTICE: The Download Builder and ThemeRoller have been restored to working order again.  Thank you all for your patience.

We are aware of the problems with the Download Builder and ThemeRoller and we apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.  We have disabled those components on our web site until the problems with these components can be resolved.  In the meantime, we would like to offer these static links for jQuery UI and jQuery UI Themes.  The Development bundle includes code for all jQuery UI plugins and the base theme.  The Themes Package includes all 21 pre-built themes from the ThemeRoller gallery.

jQuery UI 1.8rc1 (Preview)

jQuery UI 1.7.2 (Stable)

jQuery UI 1.6 (Legacy)

Google CDN

Multiple stable versions of jQuery UI are hosted on Google’s CDN as well as all the ThemeRoller themes for 1.7.2: base, black-tie, blitzer, cupertino, dark-hive, dot-luv, eggplant, excite-bike, flick, hot-sneaks, humanity, le-frog, mint-choc, overcast, pepper-grinder, redmond, smoothness, south-street, start, sunny, swanky-purse, trontastic, ui-darkness, ui-lightness, vader.

With Download Builder and ThemeRoller out of commission you will not be able to create custom downloads or themes. We understand that this is inconvenient and we are working as hard as we can to solve the problems as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

52 thoughts on “jQuery UI Download Builder/ThemeRoller Status

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  2. Is there a way to implement a theme switcher widget locally, using the theme packs downloaded? Just asking out of laziness… 😀

  3. michael on said:

    omg i have been trying all morning to get this working and thought it was my fault and the c# build was broken / detaching my css..
    (I couldn’t fathom that the css I downloaded was broken)

  4. Matt Rosenberg on said:

    Themeroller was the easy way to get the class names for the various icons. Please post a list with samples and names! For now, I’m reduced to opening the icon file in Photoshop, then getting coordinates from the CSS file and matching them up.

  5. Where can I get a copy of the themeswitcher js? Anyone have it?

    I hope they’ll making the themeswitcher tool itself easier to theme while they’re fixing things. 🙂

  6. Massimo on said:

    I’m use a custom theme for my sites, I agree with other user say a mirrors for theme roller and a downloadable version.

  7. It seems like the sensible things to do would be to post the source, if your no longer willing to host it. This is kind of lame 🙁

  8. How about keeping up entirely separate versions of your site for several stable releases so that if release X+1 gets buggered, developers can still get to the things they need (like the theme roller) for release X, or X-1. I for one will be grandfathering pre 1.4 jQuery for a while. It is annoying that I can’t get back to a working theme roller in a previous version.

  9. Ralph Whitbeck on said:

    @Micheal – it’s not that we are no longer willing to host…it’s we don’t want people to waste anymore time with the DB/TR when it doesn’t work. We are working to fix the problems and have this fixed ASAP…please be patient I know this is inconvenient.

  10. Ralph Whitbeck on said:

    Massimo, The only thing you shouldn’t be able to do is build a custom theme currently..preexisting themes should still work as long as you downloaded everything that was needed. You should not hotlink directly to a custom theme. Or am I missing something else?

  11. Hi,

    Any chance we can have pictures of how each theme looks (from the package) cause going through 1 by 1 is really horrible 🙁

    Once again, THANKS FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL WORK you guys are doing!!!

    Have a nice day,

  12. Ralph Whitbeck on said:

    Shlomikalfa, I built this jsbin test to make sure all the themes I downloaded worked before putting together the 1.8rc1 Themes Bundle…you can use this to see what each looks like. Hope it helps.


  13. Bottazzo on said:

    I agree too for a standalone copy of themeroller.
    I depend if to work on my project.

    Thanks.. and BRING IT BACK NOW! hehe 🙂

  14. @Shlomikalfa – you can also preview all the themes on jqueryui.com/demos. See the themewitcher, top-right. It allows you to switch the theme for all the demos you’re viewing. It also has a small thumbnail next to each theme name as you select one in the drop-down.

  15. Amen Moja Ra on said:

    If I may make a suggestion JQueryUI has all of its code for the themes and everything else that you can customize manually by going to Google Code Subversion Repository. You can do the same thing as you did with the theme builder but it is just you have to do it manually. But hey it’s fun!!! The link is below.


  16. I really hope themeroller is going to be open-sourced at some point and save us this situation in the future? We could be helping you fix it 🙂

  17. Bottazzo on said:

    Hmmm, ThemeRoller it’s not fully restored.. ok, we will wait for a solution.. good luck man.

  18. hmpf, is there _any_ timeframe we can expect the custom .js builder to come back? i dont really want to refresh this site every couple of hours to check 😐
    i appreciate your work and don’t want to appear nagging, but are we talking about like, days – weeks?


  19. luckypapers on said:

    I’d like to second everyone’s comment about opening up themeroller. I recall you all stating that you would do so; however, it seems to have stalled.

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  21. I find that your ui examples do not save very well (when using the browser’s save file as html complete ). Saved examples come out “themeless”. Especially in browsers that donot download deep @import css code files. This is a rather annoying occurance and may turn off new users.

    The theme builder thing provided a single file example page with all the widgets. Please put that in the download.

  22. Get the themeroller up already! You can’t make people dependent on such a tool and then don’t keep it online…

  23. All – we’re working as hard as we can to get these valuable tools back online. We’re testing a fix today and if it goes well should have it up within a day. No guarantees, because we can’t put it up unless it gets fixed, but it’s looking like days, not weeks. Thank you again for your patience.

  24. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’m using 1.4.1 jQuery and 1.8rc1 jQueryUI and the base theme works, but when I switch to any other theme everything is broken. I just downloaded the themes from the link in this post: http://jquery-ui.googlecode.com/files/jquery-ui-themes-1.8rc1.zip

    Here’s some links so you can diagnose:
    Base Theme:

    Just change the link at the end to insert a theme:

  25. Huzzah! Thank you for fixing this. A thousand thank-you’s to you all for your most capital service.

  26. Kevin on said:

    Does the theme bundle listed at top contain up-to-date themes for UI 1.8 final? (i.e.: jquery-ui-themes-1.8rc1.zip) If so, it would be helpful to update the info. If not, where can a theme bundle be found?

    I suggest posting the current theme bundles where developers can find it – ideally in the same place as the UI development bundle. I like to test with different themse, but it is too tedious to download themes one at a time for testing.

    Thanks in advance.

  27. Chris on said:

    Are you going to open source the themeroller or not??? You never answer the question…. this is should be open sourced like the Jquery project.