Progressbar API Redesign

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As previously stated, jQuery UI is undergoing an API redesign which will slim down the size of the API in order to provide a more stable codebase that is easier to learn and use. This post lists out the details of the proposed changes for the Progressbar widget along with the reasoning behind each change.

API Redesign

Add support for indeterminate progress bars.
We had previously said that indeterminate progress bars should be a separate widget. However, there is a common enough use case where you may want to start providing feedback about that a task has started before you know the actual progress. In this case you may want to start with an indeterminate progress bar and switch to a determinate progress bar as soon as you have enough information to provide details. In order to support this, we will allow the value option to be set to false to indicate that the progress bar should be indeterminate.

Switching from an indeterminate state to a determinate state would look like this:

$( "#progressbar" ).progressbar({
    value: false

// later when you find out more information
$( "#progressbar" ).progressbar( "option", {
    value: 15,
    max: 250


We’d love to hear your feedback on these changes. We want to make sure we address any issues the community may have before we finalize and implement these changes. If you have any feedback, please post it on the related forum post. Thanks.

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