jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 6 – Spinner 2

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The sixth milestone release for jQuery UI 1.9 is out, featuring many updates for the Spinner widget. This release also includes updates and bug fixes to existing and new widgets that will not make it into a 1.8.x release.

What’s a Milestone Release?

A milestone release makes it easier to try out the latest development code of jQuery UI without necessarily having to check out code from GitHub.

With a milestone release you can try out new widgets that are pretty far along (though not yet final) and provide feedback based on released code with a specific version number.

Note: the API is subject to change as the code is still under active development.


The Spinner API has been updated with a few new features and bug fixes. Check out the planning wiki for documentation.


Menu now handles submenus much better.


Position now has a within option, allowing you to use something other then window for collision detection, e.g., a scrolling div. The collision detection itself got a lot smarter, and has a new mode: flipfit.


You can download the jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 6 – Spinner 2 release as a zip file or via git:

File Downloads


How to Provide Feedback

wiki page

To help with the testing of the Spinner widget, visit the Spinner page on our Development & Planning wiki.


If the comments section on the wiki page doesn’t provide enough room for your feedback, post to the Developing jQuery UI Forum and tag the post:

How to Contribute Code

If you have code changes for the Spinner widget, fork jQuery UI on GitHub and submit a pull request.

If you’re new to git or GitHub, see our guide: How to submit a fix to jQuery UI – The Easy Way.


Note: please do NOT use the comments section of this blog post for feedback on the Spinner widget. This discussion should occur on the wiki page and the forum (see How to Provide Feedback, above).

If you have feedback on us doing our sixth milestone release, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.

12 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 6 – Spinner 2

  1. Looking forward to the 1.9 release. Can’t believe it’s been so long since the first 1.8 release! Thanks for all the hard work.

  2. This stuff is so awesome…keep up the great work.

    A couple things:

    1) will 1.9 support dynamic loading of required J/S files? I’m looking at the demos and they include all the J/S files needed (each with it’s own script tag) which can get a little crazy if one has a ton of widgets on a page.

    2) i didn’t see any instructions on how to use within an existing project. is this meant to imply that 1.8.x themes will not work w/ 1.9 without being rebuilt?



  3. @adam,

    1) If you mean via something like require.js, we don’t have any plans for that. We definitely don’t recommend including individual files in production, you should concatenate your scripts, or use the full library from one of the CDNs.

    2) I’m not sure what kind of instructions you’re looking for. We’ve never supported using an old theme with new JavaScript.

    These are very generic questions that should really be asked on the forums, as they’re not specific to 1.9m6.

  4. Bryan Green on said:

    I’m very much looking forward to this next release. Can’t wait for the Grid and Menu!
    Keep up the great work. I’ll donate again on release date! 😉

  5. We have an application we built using the Accordion Widget. There is nothing special about it except that we use nested accordions. This code has always work with jQUery 1.8.16 up until jquery 1.9 milestone 5. However the accordion is broken in milestone 6. you can no longer have nested accordions. When you click on expand in the header it does not expand the accordion correctly any more.