jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 7 – Accordion

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The seventh milestone release for jQuery UI 1.9 is out. As its been seven months since our last milestone release, we’ve got a lot of improvements and bug fixes to share. Most notably, the Accordion widget redesign is done.

What’s a Milestone Release?

A milestone release makes it easier to try out the latest development code of jQuery UI without necessarily having to check out code from GitHub.

With a milestone release you can try out new widgets that are pretty far along (though not yet final) and provide feedback based on released code with a specific version number.


The Accordion redesign is now fully implemented. We finally have really solid animations, with no more flickering or jumping of content below. The ARIA implementation also got a lot better. A big thanks goes to Hans Hillen for his contributions.


Menu now supports other markup than just UL/LI elements. Support for disabled menu items got a lot better, too.

A ton of bug fixes

A lot of components have seen a lot of bug fixes. While we continue to maintain the 1.8 branch, a lot of bugs get only fixed in master. Here are all tickets fixed in 1.9, by component.


You can download the jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 7 – Accordion release as a zip file or via git:

File Downloads


How to Provide Feedback

wiki page

To help with the testing of the Accordion widget, visit the Accordion page on our Development & Planning wiki.


If the comments section on the wiki page doesn’t provide enough room for your feedback, post to the Developing jQuery UI Forum and tag the post:

How to Contribute Code

If you have code changes for the Accordion widget, fork jQuery UI on GitHub and submit a pull request.

If you’re new to git or GitHub, see our guide: How to submit a fix to jQuery UI – The Easy Way.


Note: please do NOT use the comments section of this blog post for feedback on the Accordion widget. This discussion should occur on the wiki page and the forum (see How to Provide Feedback, above).

If you have feedback on us doing our sixth milestone release, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.

17 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 7 – Accordion

  1. 7 months for a new accordion and bootstrap got an even nicer and easier one out during this period. Time to shut down developnent on this bloated library.

  2. Great work! Very excited for 1.9, especially the enhancements to the menu!

    @Lol Time to shut down operation on your bloated mouth. Maybe you should post your code publicly and maintain hosting for the code and development for free so that other mindless, worthless trolls can post their vitriol on it too.

  3. Hmm, the pace does seem slower nowadays — and yes, where the heck is the grid 🙁

    Is reimplementing the past 20 years worth of GUI/windowing systems in javascript no fun anymore? Welcome to our world where we have to use these inferior things to actually build apps with…

  4. I saw a post about JQuery Grid development in Feb 2011. Grid is very citical component in both Web and Windows world.

    It is unfortunate that JQuery UI team does not provide any good direction, date of when 1.9 release is expected to be ready?

    Can provide exact details on following:
    1. Is JQuery UI going to ever have a Grid control OR we have to live with JqGrid
    2. When is 1.9 release scheduled
    3. What about many memory leak items reported on IE 6.x and 7.x
    4. Given excellent UI controls you released initially, how come I don’t see any fast phase development -more features quickly these days?

    Any comments/feedback on using KendoUI [www.kendoui.com] from telrik?

    I like JQuery UI a lot but given rich and demanding HTML5/JQuery based UI development this year and next, not sharing enough details and not making quick progress is hurting.


  5. Marcello on said:

    I feel a little stupid posting this because the things i’m about to point out are so blatant that probably i am the one doing something wrong but, well…

    i’m browsing the demos in the milestone download and i’m finding tons of problems.
    just browsing the pages on firefox with firebug’s console open there are a lot of
    “mismatched tag. Expected: .”
    errors showing up.

    opening the demos in chrome simply doesn’t work: i can see the left bar and when i click a link the correct right part of the page gets loaded but the box that should contain the demo stays empty. if i open each file by hand the demo works, but the demos index is somehow broken.

    also in the menu section the code for the default and the context menu demos is exactly the same and there’s something very wrong in the accordion demo (but there’s a specific wiki for that).

    sorry if i’m sounding arrogant, i’m just trying to understand if i’m doing something wrong or not.


  6. @Marcello: Sounds like you opened demos/index.html directly from the file system, which then fails to load any other pages due to restrictions on the local file system. Try opening that through a local webserver or just open the individual demo html files directly.

  7. jQueryUI-team, take any time you need to make the platform future proof.

    Re. Grid;
    I read in the the State of the Grid-message, that you are working on Observables and you are looking for an observable Array-solution.

    This makes me thinking, why you not simply use knockout.js, which is already delivering both and computed-values on top of this. + it’s rock-solid.

    A premium usecase for a jQuery-Grid would be in the MVVM-domain, binding the grid to a knockout.js ViewModel or creating a HTML-table via knockout, then to be handled as a grid. I hope, that this case is considered in your design decisions.