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The eighth milestone release for jQuery UI 1.9 is out. There are quite a few improvements and changes since the last milestone release. Most notably, the Position utility redesign is done.

What’s a Milestone Release?

A milestone release makes it easier to try out the latest development code of jQuery UI without necessarily having to check out code from GitHub.

With a milestone release you can try out new widgets that are pretty far along (though not yet final) and provide feedback based on released code with a specific version number.


The Position redesign is now fully implemented. The using option now provides information about where the element is relative to the target. This information is useful for a variety of reasons, such as knowing where to render an arrow if you want the element to point to the target (think of tooltip with callouts). This information is passed in a second parameter to the using callback.


The Tooltip and Autocomplete widgets have been updated for full ARIA support. Getting these widgets to be fully accessible with various browsers and assistive technology was quite difficult. A huge thanks goes out to Hans Hillen and Everett Zufelt for their help with testing and implementation.

A ton of bug fixes

A lot of components have seen a lot of bug fixes. While we continue to maintain the 1.8 branch, a lot of bugs get only fixed in master. Here are all tickets fixed in 1.9, by component.


You can download the jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 8 – Position release as a zip file or via git:

File Downloads


How to Provide Feedback

wiki page

To help with the testing of the Position utility, visit the Position page on our Development & Planning wiki.


If the comments section on the wiki page doesn’t provide enough room for your feedback, post to the Developing jQuery UI Forum and tag the post:

How to Contribute Code

If you have code changes for the Position utility, fork jQuery UI on GitHub and submit a pull request.

If you’re new to git or GitHub, see our guide: How to submit a fix to jQuery UI – The Easy Way.


Note: please do NOT use the comments section of this blog post for feedback on the Position utility. This discussion should occur on the wiki page and the forum (see How to Provide Feedback, above).

If you have feedback on us doing our eighth milestone release, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 8 – Position

  1. Luca on said:

    Hi folks,
    I’m hearing rumors about 1.9 for over 1 year but…… I never saw a “possible” release date!!! When is reasonably planned the official release?? at least, in 2012 ????

  2. I happen to be playing with instantiation/destruction cycles of widgets, and noticed if I create “ui.resizable” on an element, then destroy it, I cannot re-create it on the same element, i.e until I refresh the page. Same thing for “ui.draggable”. Other “real” widgets like ui.button, etc. don’t have this problem. I suspected something got left over by destroy()?

  3. One more: The accordion loses its panels’ scrollbars when browser is zoomed. Load a page with an accordion whose panels have vertical scrollbars, “Ctrl- +” a couple of times, reload page, flip between accordion tabs back and forth. The vertical scrollbars will get lost.

    Only on Chrome and Safari. FF and IE9 work fine.

  4. @LJ: Thanks for reporting these issues. I’ve just pushed fixes for the widgets that had problems with their destroy methods. I can’t reproduce the accordion bug though. I see the scrollbars disappear during the animation (because of overflow: hidden), but they always come back when the animation completes.

  5. JCURBY on said:

    Thanks guys, looking good. I’ve only just started using these tools and overall I’m wishing I came sooner.

  6. @Scott: I tried again on the accordion scroll bar issue, here are the steps I went through:
    1. Use Chrome (I’m on chrome 19)
    2. Load a page with an accordion, two panes both with scroll bars
    3. Press “Ctrl – +” either 3 or 4 times
    4. Press F5 to reload at that zoom level
    5. Flip back/forth between the two accordion panes

    Step 3 is the tricky part where I could do 2 or 5 times and not see the problem. It’s so weird and makes one think it’s a browser quirk. BTW the overflow:hidden was indeed left on the element when I checked. For what it’s worth I’m not too worried about this but thought it’d be a good exercise for you guys. Cheers.

  7. I am trying out menu. This is going to be very useful, but I cannot work out how to open the menu on a click rather than mouse hover? The mouse hover (or tapping) on the menu does not work on my iPad so I need a way to override the default behaviour.
    Any suggestions?