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Continuing with the jQuery anniversary announcements, we’re happy to announce the first stable release of jQuery UI 1.10. While, 1.10 doesn’t add any new widgets, it does continue the API redesigns and fixes dozens of bugs.

API Redesign: Dialog

The dialog widget has undergone an API redesign, making it more consistent with other widgets and providing better stacking and modal support. Make sure to read the upgrade guide so you can migrate away from the deprecated APIs.

API Redesign: Progressbar

The progressbar widget has undergone an API redesign, though there are no breaking changes. The only significant change was the addition of support for indeterminate progressbars. Check out the upgrade guide for more information.

Improved Accessibility

We put a lot of effort into making dialog and progrssbar as accessibile as possible. Unfortunately ARIA still needs some work before it can be used without hacks, but we’re working closely with standards bodies, browser vendors, and the accessibility community to improve web accessibility beyond jQuery.

Deprecated APIs

As mentioned above, dialog went through an API redesigns which resulted in some existing APIs being deprecated. These APIs will be removed in 1.11.0. The 1.10.0 release includes a flag to disable all deprecated APIs, allowing you to determine if your code is ready for 1.11.0 even before it is released. There are full details on how to use the flag in the upgrade guide.

Removed 1.8 Back Compat

Several APIs were deprecated in 1.9.0 and have now been removed. If you haven’t already prepared for this change, make sure to read the upgrade guide so you can migrate away from the now obsolete APIs.

Supported jQuery Versions and Browsers

jQuery UI 1.10.0 supports jQuery 1.6 and newer. That’s 13 versions! Multiply that by the number of supported browsers and you’ve got quite a support matrix. Speaking of supported browsers, jQuery UI no longer provides support for IE6.


File Downloads

Git (contains source files, with @VERSION not yet replaced with 1.10.0, base theme only)

Google Ajax Libraries API (CDN)

Microsoft Ajax CDN (CDN)

Custom Download Builder


See the 1.0 Upgrade Guide for a list of changes that may affect you when upgrading from 1.9.x. For full details on what’s included in this release see the 1.10.0 Changelog. You can read more about the API redesigns in a previous blog post.


Thanks to all who helped with this release, specifically: adovenmuehle, adurante, ahuseynov, ajcrews, alistaircobalt, AlmogBaku, Anika Henke, atrigent, aubrey, Avinash R, bavanyo, bchiasson, bdh92123, Bethrezen, bgould, bigorangemachine, Bjørn Johansen, bolerao, borgenk, braddunbar, brian123zx, captdragon, casey, catapricop, chadn, chintsu, chuvikovsky, clifforama, CloudStrife, conradirwin, Corey Frang, Cory Gackenheimer, cowtownfarmboy, dalekocian, danbhfive, davenaeder, David Petersen, David Souther, David.Sullivan, davidmurdoch, dcarrith, developer123, dittodhole, DJtomy, Dominic Barnes, dracos, drakes, drew.waddell, drewkimrey, dutts, eason, ednark, eirc, elisy, emeerson, epascarello, eriz, Ethan Romba, ezufelt, Fabrício Matté, fedot, feugy, fgutmann, fofanafi, fontzter, fracmak, GoZ, gusaroni, homelands, htrex, ilanco, j2jensen, jajo, jamesbathgate, Jay Merrifield, jemunk, jjoemb, jpka, jprell, Juan Pablo Kaniefsky, julienw, jupeter, Jörn Zaefferer, kalou, kenaniah, kenjiyamamoto, KopiasCsaba, Kris Borchers, Krisp PL, kristopolous, kwhat, kyle.davis, larowlan, lisaj, Liv32Inspir3, Lucky, lukepage, lukoff, M.Gaetan89, maciejmrozinski, madogai, maets, mankyd, marcelklomp, MarcoSarti, mariuspuiu, Marshals, Mathias Stenbom, MatteS75, Matthieu Penant, may, mblaney, meotimdihia, MetalArend, Mike Sherov, mikepelley, Mikko Rantanen, misterdai, mjpowersjr, mmartin, MrBigDog2U, mrfr0g, Nate Eagle, nicholashall, Nodens, NovaYear, ollie2893, ours, paul, Pavel Selitskas, Pawel Maruszczyk, PhoenixFnX, pifantastic, PlanetPratt, prinzdezibel, probins, Rafael Xavier de Souza, raphinesse, rdworth, richwag, robmonie, Roman Salnikov, RwwL, salnikov, Samuel Bovée, samycookie, saulotoledo, sc0rchin, Scott González, scoulibaly, Sergey Kartashov, shadowman131, silesianlordt, Simon1979, sjonne, slolife, Spider, sslavic, ssoorriiin, swalke16, symve, techtangents, TheDoci, ThiefMaster, tibi7000, Timo Tijhof, TJ VanToll, tomcastleman, tomjung, uibugger123, Ult Combo, ushi, Viktor Kojouharov, vol7ron, watanabe, wfsiew, wichert, Xar, Xavi, zbapoc, zniki.ru, zoggy.


Note: please do NOT use the comments section of this blog post for reporting bugs. Bug reports should be filed in the jQuery UI Bug Tracker and support questions should be posted on the jQuery Forum.

If you have feedback on us doing our final release for jQuery UI 1.10.0, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.10.0

  1. UI picked up the pace all of a sudden; I don’t think users can catch up that quickly. Therefore, we could probably remove support for jQuery <= 1.8 soon. Supporting the redesigned api of jQuery exclusively should cut the size of UI even further. Just some thoughts, better go upgrade my code now.

  2. Alessandro Brunelli on said:

    The demo of autocomplete widget, section “Custom data and display” is broken. I’m waiting for the fix! 🙂
    P.S.: great work, guys!

  3. Any idea when themeroller will be updated? animated-overlay.gif was not part of the custom theme download I just built, and that breaks indeterminate progress bars.

    @Longjie Xu – So long as 1.9 is supported… Dropping oldIE is murder for some of us. IE 8 still has a decent foothold.

  4. ..and I just went to grab animated-overlay.gif from a similar theme in the themes package linked to above, and there aren’t any in there either.

  5. Daniel on said:

    It’s great to see continuing work on API cleanups, but what I’d really like to see is the menubar feature finally land. I’ve been doing my own builds of it from the menubar git branch, but it hasn’t had an update for a while. Having said that, it’s remarkably stable and bug-free.

  6. Hi, guys! I have one question, how do I add a icon into a dialog’s header by jQuery UI. Thanks!

  7. Just wanted to say thanks again to the jquery UI team for your efforts. Some of my earlier issues with the 1.1.beta have now proven to be related to API changes I had not implemented.

  8. Martin on said:

    animated-overlay.gif for Blitzer is missing, This gif file is only availible on base theme, how come?

  9. phillip on said:

    In the CDN versions, the dialog close button is missing. There’s only the button tag, the span ui-icon is missong.