jQuery UI 1.13.0-rc.3 released

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We’re happy to announce the 1.13.0-rc.3 release of jQuery UI. The only changes in that version compared to 1.13.0-rc.2 that we announced a few weeks ago are fixes to themes.

Due to a CSS specificity issue, blank icons in 1.13.0-rc.2 weren’t actually blank; we increased the specificity of a relevant selector to fix the issue.

The next set of issues were caused by a few changes to themes that were made to fix other issues and to improve how various themes look. Unfortunately, those changes were incomplete and caused bigger issues. Given the maintenance status of jQuery UI, we’ve decided to revert the changes instead. While it brings some issues from jQuery UI 1.12 back, those issues have been there for many years so existing projects already had to adapt. Old & known bugs are better than new & unknown ones, especially with limited resources to maintain the project. This should also make it easier to update from jQuery UI 1.12 to 1.13.

See the 1.13.0-rc.2 blog post for more details about the goals of the 1.13 release.


File Downloads

Git (contains source files, with @VERSION not yet replaced with 1.13.0-rc.3, base theme only)


Note: please report bugs to the jQuery UI Bug Tracker; support questions should be posted on Stack Overflow with the jquery-ui tag. Please don’t use comments to report bugs.

If you have feedback on us doing our RC release for jQuery UI 1.13.0, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.

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