This Week in jQuery UI vol. 4

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No releases this week. The 1.7.2 release was rescheduled for Apr. 15.

Plugin Prioritization

The jQuery UI Team completed a prioritization this week. This is the second time we’ve completed this process. The first was in late 2008, when we changed the direction of the 1.6 and 1.7 releases, and focused on ThemeRoller v2 and the jQuery UI CSS Framework. The Development & Planning wiki home page has been updated with the priority column for each plugin. We welcome any help in getting these plugins designed and built over the next couple of months. Note that this priority is not tied directly to our release cycle. This means the 1.8 release will not necessarily contain the plugins that currently have the highest priority. But it gives us as a team some focus and sequencing. For example, there are a number of high priority utility plugins right now that we’re tackling first because they’re dependencies of a number of medium priority widgets. So we need to design and build them first.

Save The Date: jQuery UI Sprint

We’re planning a sprint for next Thu.-Sat. (Apr. 9-11). It will all be online, and anyone is welcome to participate as little or as much as they’re able. More details to come next week.


The first issue of JsMag included an article on jQuery 1.3, and was featured in the first volume of This Week in jQuery. The second issue was published this week and includes an article on jQuery UI.

Q&A with jQuery UI Release Manager Richard Worth

It was my turn this week. Steve Reynolds is back with another jQuery UI team member interview:

Sites Using jQuery UI

We maintain a list of Sites Using jQuery UI. If you have a site or find a site using jQuery UI, feel free to add it to this wiki page. New this week:


Tutorials and Blog Posts


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