jQuery UI 1.8b1

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The first beta release for jQuery UI 1.8 is out. You can download it here:


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See the 1.8b1 Changelog for full details on what’s included in this release.
Please help us test this and beat it up. The plan is to have one more beta release, and then an rc1 before final.


A big thanks to all that have worked on all the bug fixes and other improvements that have gone into this release.

20 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.8b1

  1. Aubrey on said:

    Does the autocomplete widget require the menu widget to run? Or will it be refactored in the future to use menu?

  2. @Aubrey: for this release Autocomplete contains its own minimal menu. It’s included in the same .js file. In a future release we’ll pull this own into its own menu widget.

  3. Vic May on said:

    I was wondering why is such a simple thing as a content container widget missing from the UI library? Is it because it is easy for the user to implement it or is there any other reason for it?


  4. When adding a tab dynamically, it seems that jquery ui 1.8b1 creates 2 tab panels instead of 1.
    Anyone here encountered the same problem ?

  5. digital on said:

    When will the demo for the new widgets be included on the demo section? Keep up the progress!

  6. @Richard D. Worth – Thanks for the info on menu support!

    @Richard D. Worth – JQuery 1.8 is a week away? Fantastic!

  7. @Vic May – I would guess so, but what do you have in mind? It’s fairly simple to add some jQuery UI CSS Framework classes to a div. The only widget I see coming along that would come close to this is a toggle panel.

  8. @digital – The demos for the new widgets are already included in the demo section of the release, both in the zip file and the svn tag. They’ll be updated on the website when the final release is on the website.

  9. Jquery UI is really great. At the moment I’m trying autocomplete and it is outstanding, the only problem I have seen is related with large results because in this cases the list is displayed above. I dont know if there is any property in order to avoid this behaviour. Thanks.

  10. Rafael Ospino on said:

    Autocomple is a useful tool and this implementation is great, but, i´m missing scrollHeight feature or something that help me to set a list result height and scrollbar.


  11. In demos… slider->simple scrollbar, it looks like there’s error… sliding is set to vertical not to horizontal. Also, last one “slider controls tabs” also doesn’t look god.