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The third milestone release for jQuery UI 1.9 is out, featuring the new Spinner widget, in active development. It also includes updates to the Tooltip and Menu widgets that we did since our second milestone release.

What’s a Milestone Release?

A milestone release makes it easier to try out the latest development code of jQuery UI without necessarily having to check out code from GitHub.

With a milestone release you can try out new widgets that are pretty far along (though not yet final) and provide feedback based on released code with a specific version number.

Note: the API is subject to change as the code is still under active development.


We’d love your feedback on our new Spinner widget, to help ready it for the 1.9 final release. The API is already in good shape, so if you start using it now, migrating to 1.9 final should be really easy.

A spinner is a simple widget that allows users to increment or decrement the current text box value without having to input it manually. Increments do not have to be whole numbers — they can be set to decimal values (0.1) or large increments (5) for each click.

The widget uses the jquery-global plugin for globalization of numbers, including parsing and formatting of decimal numbers and currency values. This gives it several hundred cultures that it can support from the start.

Demo: Currency


Play with some of the latest demos in the menu branch on our live code view site, view.jqueryui.com:


You can download the jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 3 – Spinner release as a zip file or via git:

File Downloads


How to Provide Feedback

wiki page

To help with the design and development of the Spinner widget, visit the Spinner page on our Development & Planning wiki.


If the comments section on the wiki page doesn’t provide enough room for your feedback, post to the Developing jQuery UI Forum and tag the post:

How to Contribute Code

If you have code changes for the Spinner, fork jQuery UI on GitHub, commit to the spinner branch, and submit a pull request.

If you’re new to git or GitHub, see our guide: How to submit a fix to jQuery UI – The Easy Way.


Note: please do NOT use the comments section of this blog post for feedback on the Spinner widget. This discussion should occur on the wiki page and the forum (see How to Provide Feedback, above).

If you have feedback on us doing our third milestone release, feel free to leave a comment below. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “jQuery UI 1.9 Milestone 3 – Spinner

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  2. Spinner is great! And what about replacement for SELECT tag? All solutions, which I have seen, had less functionality in comparison to native browser element:
    1. Get focus via Tab
    2. Select items with keyboard
    3. Multiple selection (with CTRL pressed)
    4. OPTIONs tags wrapped in OPTGROUP tag
    5. Mouse wheel scrolling and styled scrollbar

    Menu and Autocomplete widgets are close, but not perfect for this case.

  3. Excellent and I’m quite excited. Any ballpark estimate on when we can see the final release. Thanks

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  6. Great work! This will be an extremely useful widget. Just one comment – looking at this in IE 7 the up and down arrows on the control are not centering – the arrows are offset by at least a pixel.

  7. One little thing I noticed though.. Chrome normally add a default outline which makes it look kind of dodgy.. Adding a outline: none; to the .ui-spinner-input class solves this!

    Other than that, keep up the awesome work! 😉

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